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Catalog of Avotaynu Products for Jewish Genealogy

Jewish roots. We find that one of the frustrations often encountered when visiting a Web site to purchase an item is that it can take many minutes and many pages until you locate the item.
To make this less of a chore, Avotaynu offers the index below to all products it sells. Just click
the [More info] button and we will take you to the site where you can get additional information. Click the [Order now] button and we will post the purchase of the item to our secure-server shopping cart system.

To search our complete site, just use the Google search engine below.

Not sure what to buy? Read our recommendations as to which offerings you should buy.
We have ranked them from most useful to those of interest to only certain researchers.

Shipping policy: Orders shipped within the U.S. normally are sent through the U.S. Postal Service. At our discretion, large orders may be shipped by UPS Ground. Orders shipped outside the U.S. are sent through a consolidator who flies the package to the country of destination where it is placed in the local postal system. 

Cancellation policy: All sales are final. Damaged goods can be returned on a swap basis with purchaser paying for return of damaged goods to Avotaynu. Other returns are accepted at the discretion of Avotaynu.

Delivery. Within the U.S., 1.–5 days depending on distance from New Haven, Connecticut. Outside the U.S., 2.–3 weeks.


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Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy [More info]  [Order now]
Between Galicia and Hungary: The Jews of Stropkov [More info] [Order now]
Biographical Dictionary of Canadian Jewry: 1909–1914 [More info] [Order now]
Chinese Exile: My Years in Shanghai and Nanking [More info] [Order now]
Deutsch-fremdsprachiges Ortsnamenverzeichnis [More info] [Order now]
Diaries of Bernhard Cahn: A Man of His Times [More info] [Order now]
Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names [More info] [Order now]
Dictionary of Bulgarian Jewish Surnames [More info] [Order now]
Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames [More info] [Order now]
Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia [More info] [Order now]
Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Maghreb, Gibraltar,  and Malta [More info] [Order now]
Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire (both volumes) [More info] [Order now]
Dictionary of Sephardic Given Names [More info] [Order now]
Dictionary of Sephardic Surnames: Second Edition [More info] [Order now]
Eliyahu's Branches [More info] [Order now]
Every Family Has a Story [More info] [Order now]
Following the Paper Trail: A Multilingual Translation Guide [More info] [Order now]
Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary [More info] [Order now]
German Minority Census of 1939 [More info] [Order now]
German Name-Change Gazetteer [More info] [Order now]
Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy [More info] [Order now]
Grin-ealogy [More info] [Order now]
Guidebook for Sephardic and Oriental Genealogical Sources in Israel [More info] [Order now]
Handbook of Ashkenazic Given Names and Their Variants [More info] [Order now]
History of the Jewish Community of Schönlanke 1736–1940 [More info] [Order now]
History of the Jews in Russia and Poland [More info] [Order now]
History of the Jewish Community of Schneidemühl: 1641 to the Holocaust [More info] [Order now]
In Their Words: A Genealogists Translation Guide -- German [More info] [Order now]
In Their Words: A Genealogists Translation Guide -- Polish [More info] [Order now]
In Their Words: A Genealogists Translation Guide -- Russian [More info] [Order now]
Jewish Personal Names [More info] [Order now]
Jewish Vital Records, Revision the Lithuanian Archives [More info] [Order now]
Jews of the Kaišiadorys Region of Lithuania [More info] [Order now]
Jews of Kopcheve [More info] [Order now]
Jews-Officers in the Polish Armed Forces 1939–1945 [More info] [Order now]
Library Resources for German-Jewish Genealogy [More info] [Order now]
Lost Synagogues of Bronx and Queens [More info] [Order now]
Lost Synagogues of Brooklyn [More info] [Order now]
Lost Synagogues of Manhattan [More info] [Order now]
Naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1834 and 1835 [More info][Order now]
Old Jewish Cemeteries of Newark [More info] [Order now]
On Oldness: How to Successfully Navigate Old Age [More info] [Order now]
Overseas Emigration and Family Research [Order now]
Pinkas HaKehillot Germany Vol. IV: Northwest Germany [More info] [Order now]
The Plaut Family: Tracing the Legacy [More info] [Order now]
Polish Resources at the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People [More info] [Order now]
Practical Guide to Jewish Cemeteries [More info] [Order now]
Road to Victory: Jewish Soldiers in the 16th Lithuanian Division [More info] [Order now]
Sephardic Genealogy: Second Edition [More info] [Order now]
Sourcebook for Jewish Genealogies and Family Histories [More info] [Order now]
Taking Tamar [More info] [Order now] 
Tide & Wreck: History of the Jews of Vardar Macedonia [More info] [Order now]
Unbroken Chain - Third Edition - Volume 1  [More info] [Order now]
Unbroken Chain - Third Edition - Volume 2  [More info] [Order now]
Until the 'Final Solution': The Jews of Belgrade 1521-1942 [More info] [Order now]
Where Once We Walked (WOWW): Revised Edition. [More info] [Order now]

Out of Print

Finding Your Jewish Roots in Galicia
Frequenty Asked Questions (replaced by Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy)
Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Poland
A Guide to Jewish Genealogical Resources in Israel
How to Document Victims and Locate Suriviors of the Holocaust
Kaminits-Podolski and Its Environs
Jewish Surnames from Prague
The L:urie Legacy
Russian Jewish Given Names
Some Archival Sources for Ukrainian Jewish Genealogical Research
WOWW Companion (incorporated in revised edition of Where Once We Walked)

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