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Nu? What's New?

Nu? What's New is a bi-weekly Internet magazine published by Avotaynu providing information of interest to persons tracing their Jewish family history.

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Vol. 1, No. 1 February 6, 2000
Hamburg Emigration List Database; Migration from the Russian Empire; American Jewish Historical Society Opens New York Facility; Beth Hatefutsoth Develops Virtual Museum on Internet; Sophie Caplan Awarded Order of Australia; Jewish Genealogy Month; Online Registration for the Annual Conference; News from Avotaynu, Inc.

Vol. 1, No. 2 February 20, 2000
My Generations; New Genealogical Software: DoroTree; Need the E-mail Address of a Jewish Genealogist?; Ancestors Series to Air New Programs Starting in June; Migration from the Russian Empire; What's Nu: 20th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy; What's Nu: Avotaynu; And In Conclusion: A Dialogue Between Nazis

Vol. 1, No. 3 March 5, 2000
The Genealogy Work Station of the Future; Is It Necessary to Order Films Ahead of Time When Planning a Visit to the LDS (Mormon) Family History Library; Alexander Beider to Author a Book on Ashkenazic Given Names; The Death of a Legend

Vol. 1, No. 4 March 19, 2000
Nu? What's New? Adds Archives; Hamburg Emigration Index Goes Live; Genealogy and the Internet; Plans to Reconstruct the 1890 U.S. Census; What's Nu? with the Annual Conference on
Jewish Genealogy

Vol. 1, No. 5 April 2, 2000
Avotaynu to Sell JPGs of Jewish Life in Eastern Europe; Release of Canadian Censuses in Doubt; Jewish Vital Statistic Registers for Czechoslovakia; What's Nu? 20th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy; Oops (correction from last issue)

Vol. 1, No. 6 April 16, 2000
Australian Census to Be In Public Domain; A Good Source for Yizkor Books; Internet Resource for Argentinean Jewish Genealogy; Promotes Jewish Genealogy Month; Reminder: 20th International Seminar on Jewish Genealogy Early Registration Deadline

Vol 1, No. 7 April 30, 2000
Language Translation Sites on the Internet; DNA and Genealogy; Improving the Quality of Old Photographs; What's Nu with the Annual Conference

Vol 1, No. 8 May 14, 2000
Lithuanian Jewish Records To Be Available at LDS (Mormon) Family History Library for International Conference; Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova Wins Reference Book Awards; Jewish Genealogy Yearbook 2000; Spring Issue of Avotaynu; Additional JPEGs of Eastern Europe Planned

Vol. 1, No. 9 May 28, 2000 Nu? What's New? Tops 3,000 Subscribers; Ships of Our Ancestors; Prove Kinship the New-Fashioned Way; Online Hamburg Emigration Lists; Ordering Films Before Going to the Family History Library; Computer Images of Jewish Life in Vilnius

Vol. 1, No. 10 June 10, 2000 Family History Library Catalog on CD-ROM; The Lost Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe; Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern Elected to the NGS Hall of Fame; Family Tree of the Jewish People Reaches Milestones; International Conferences for the Next Four Years; Additional Scanned Images (JPGs) of Life in Eastern Europe

Vol. 1, No. 11 June 25, 2000 Avotaynu Offices Closed for International Seminar; The Next Step in Linking Family Trees; More Information on Family History Library Catalog; FHL Now Has Finding Aids for Jewish Records; Acquires RootsWeb; Some Interesting Internet Sites

Vol. 1, No. 12 July 16, 2000
Avotaynu Publishes Well-Known Book by Simon M. Dubnow; 20th International Seminar on Jewish Genealogy; JewishGen and Yad Vashem Agree to Develop Databases; Building Your Own Family Web Site Can Be Easy; Large-sized Family Tree Charts; Family History Library Forms Useful to Jewish Genealogists

Vol. 1, No. 13 July 30, 2000
U.S. Census Records (1790-1920) To Be Available on Internet; Historical Maps on the Internet; Conference Syllabus For Sale; JewishGen Continues to Grow; Annual Jewish Genealogy Trip to Salt Lake City; Jan Karsky Dies; Inventory of Lithuania Vital Records at Avotaynu Site; Passenger Arrival Records for Canada; Polish State Archives Liberalizes Their Access Policy; 21st International Seminar on Jewish Genealogy Internet Site

Vol. 1, No. 14 August 13, 2000
The Origins of Eastern European Jewry; Hamburg Emigration Index Grows; E-zine for Polish Genealogy Started; Jewish Burial Registry Started at JewishGen Site; More JPEGs of Towns in Eastern Europe; English Version of Belarus State Archives Inventory Now Available; Genealogy Computing Magazine; Human Interest Stories Wanted for Winter Issue of Avotaynu<BR>

Vol. 1, No. 15 August 27, 2000
Bill Gates Take Note; Summer 2000 Issue of AVOTAYNU; Index to Family History Library Jewish Records to Be Available Online; Sallyann Sack to Lecture at Hamburg Symposium; Descriptions Added to Postcard Collection; British Commonwealth Forces Who Died in WWI or WWII

Vol. 1, No. 16 - September 10, 2000
More on the Online U.S. Censuses; New Capability Added to Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex System; Finding Information On the Internet About Your Shtetl; Migration from the Russian Empire; Using the CD Version of the Family History Library Catalog; Bill Gates - The Sequel

Vol. 1, No. 17 - September 24, 2000
Record Retention in the Information Technology Age; JewishGen Implementing Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex Improvement; CJSI: Have You Used It?; Maps of Interwar Polish Towns; Featured Book: Discovering Your Jewish Roots in Galicia

Vol. 1, No. 18 - October 10, 2000
NWN Reaches 4,000 subscribers; Virtual Old Jerusalem CD; RootsWeb; Featured Book: How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust; More JPEGs Added to Avotaynu Site

Vol. 1, No. 19 - October 22, 2000
Internet Sites for National Archives of Various Countries; Document Preservation; Featured Book: A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire; Avotaynu Plans Major Works in Next 12 months; Gone Fiching

Vol. 1, No. 20 - November 5, 2000
Population Registers; More Articles from the Fall Issue of AVOTAYNU; More URLs for State Archives; Ships of Our Ancestors; Adds 1920 Census Data to the Internet; Register Online for the London Conference; Featured Book: Sourcebook for Jewish Genealogies and Family Histories; Avotaynu Fall/Winter Catalog Now Available; Laugh of the Week

Vol. 1, No. 21 - November 19, 2000
Adding Databases to the Internet; Online U.S. Searchable Vital Record Indexes; Viewmate on JewishGen; Book About Florida's Jews; Featured Book: History of the Jews in Poland and Russia; Jerusalem Post Obituaries; Recovering Insurance Policy Holocaust Assets; A Reminder - 10% Discount

Vol. 1, No. 22 - December 3, 2000
Canadians Still Fight for Access to Post-1901 Census Records; INS Articles About Their Records; Attention Litvaks; E-Book for Genealogy; Featured Book: Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy; FAQ on Hasidism

Vol. 1, No. 23 - December 17, 2000
Library of Congress Experiments with Scanned Images for Interlibrary Loans ; Jewish Records at FHL on CD-ROM; New York Police Census; Featured Book: To Our Children's Children; Closeout Offer; Last Chance for 10% Discount on Avotaynu Products; Ancestry Offers Free Access to Its Databases

Vol. 1, No. 24 - December 31, 2000
Improvements at the LDS (Mormon) Family History Library; Improvements at the LDS (Mormon)
Family History Library; Slips on U.S. Censuses; More JPEGs of Eastern Europe; Featured Book: WOWW Companion; YIVO Book Sold Out; Cancels Census Plans

Vol. 2, No. 1 - January 19, 2001 Cancels Census Plans;Soundexing: It Is Time for a Change;Brothers Keeper Version 6.0;Using the 1920 Census Data Online;Online Morton Allan Directory; Featured Book:
Russian-Jewish Given Names: Their Origins and Variants; Winter Issue of AVOTAYNU Is at the Printer

Vol. 2, No. 2 - January 28, 2001
Pushing Back the Brick Wall; Milestones; IAJGS Conference for 2002 In Toronto; Don't Count Out; Bialystok Book Back In Print; Winter Issue of AVOTAYNU Is in the Mail; Featured Book: A Guide to Jewish Genealogical Research in Israel

Vol. 2, No. 3 - February 11, 2001
Jewish Genealogy Month 2001 -- March 25 - April 23, 2001; Funeral Database Venture Started; JGSNY Publishes Burial Plot Data; Records of the Polish Nobility (continued); Plans for Migration from the Russian Empire on CD-ROM; Date Confirmed for 2002 Conference; DNA Testing Providing Good Results; Annual Conference; Featured Work: The Lost Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe

Vol. 2, No. 4 - February 25, 2001
Family History Library Judaica Index Now Available; Place Source Documents in Your Genealogy Database; Portion of 1900 Census On Line; More On Wooden Synagogues; More Remarkable Results with DNA Testing; Featured Book: Auswandererhafen Hamburg -- Hamburg Emigration Port; WOWW!

Vol. 2, No. 5 - March 18, 2001
Major Update to the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index; U.S. Censuses Online; Jewish Genealogy Month 2001; Annual Jewish Genealogy Trip to Salt Lake City; Featured Book: The Naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1834 and 1835; List of Vilna Ghetto Residents

Vol. 2, No. 6 - April 1, 2001
Another Nu? What's New? Milestone; Ellis Island Database to Launch April 17; Migrations from the Russian Empire CD; London Conference Posts Lecture Schedule; Names, Names, Names; Sephardic SIG Internet Site; New Version of CJSI a Great Success

Vol. 2, No. 7 - April 15 2001
Batya Unterschatz to Retire; Bremen Emigration Lists on Internet; Do You Want to Know About Copyright and Genealogy?; Polish CD-ROM; Ancestry Daily News; More About A Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names; Ellis Island Internet Site; Featured Book: Jewish Roots in Poland

Vol. 2, No. 8 - April 22, 2001
Special Edition -- Ellis Island Search Engine Has Great Shortcomings

Vol. 2, No. 9 - April 29, 2001
A Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names Discount Offer; Spring Issue of AVOTAYNU; More on the Ellis Island Database; All Census Records Digitized by

Vol. 2, No. 10 - May 13, 2001
Expect Improvements to the Ellis Island Search Ability; A Little Bit of Ellis Island Humor; Folk Etymology; London Conference; Spring/Summer Catalog Available; Gone Fiching

Vol. 2, No. 10a - May 13, 2001
More Ellis Island Information

Vol. 2, No. 11 - May 27, 2001
More About the Ellis Island Database; Family History Library Plans Major Renovations; Roots II Family Board Game; Complete 1880 U.S. Census Available on CD; Only 19 Days Left to Take Advantage of Discount on Beider Book; Spamming; Privacy; Virus Alert

Vol. 2, No. 12 - June 10, 2001
Ellis Island Data Base -- Patience, Patience, Patience; My Ancestors Landed at Hoboken, New Jersey; Last Chance! Discount Offer on Beider Book Ends June 15; Genealogical Software Prints Pages of Testimony; The Sweetest Sound; Some Interesting Internet Sites.

Vol. 2, No. 13 - June 24, 2001
Nu?What's New? Switches List Server Providers; New CD: Russians to America 1850-1896; Ellis Island Database Advances Backwards; No Good Pastime Goes Unpunished; An Increasing Trend Toward Charging for Internet Databases; Leo Baeck Institute Archives and Library Catalog Now Online; Beider Book to the Printer; A Reminder: The Sweetest Sound premiere on PBS

Vol. 2, No. 14 - July 8, 2001
More Resourceful Ways to Get Around the Ellis Island Database; Peter Lande - Consummate olunteer; Genealogical Software Prints Pages of Testimony; More Images of Jewish Life Available; Summer Issue of AVOTAYNU

Vol. 2, No. 15 - July 22, 2001
Indexed 1900 Census Now Available Online from Genealogy.Com; Index to the 1910 Census for New York City, New York State, Connecticut; New Beginners Guide to Jewish Genealogy: Discovering Your Jewish Ancestors; Russians to America CD Has Flaw; From Generation to Generation Back in Print; Summer Issue of AVOTAYNU; Reminder: Jewish Genealogical Research Trip to Salt Lake City; Avotaynu Book Offerings Has New Look; Peter Lande -- Consummate Volunteer -- The Sequel

Vol. 2, No. 16 - August 5, 2001
Availability and Prices for Index to New York 1910 Census Set; Complete Galveston (Texas) Immigration Records Online; New Book on the History of Transylvania Jewry; FGS Conference in Iowa; JPEGs of Palestine; The Litvaks Back in Stock; Ship Date for Beider Book

Vol. 2, No. 17 - August 19, 2001; Heritage Quest Census Project Back On Target; News Media Recognizing the Interest in Genealogy; Immigrant Arrivals to Argentina 1882-1927; Ellis Island Drops One Step; Rabbinic SIG; A Torah in Search of a Home

Vol. 2, No. 18 - September 4, 2001
More Ellis Island Database Comments; Correction to Comment About EIDB Site; EIDB How-to Site; Australia May Retain Census Data; Can You Determine the Town Shown?; FGS Conference In Davenport; Avotaynu Site Now Has Search Engine; Beider Book Being Shipped; 1910 Census Reminder

Vol. 2, No. 19 - September 23, 2001
Please view; News from the FGS Quad Cities Conference; News from; A Word As Insidious As a Computer Virus; Terrorism - My Two Cents

Vol. 2, No. 20 - October 7, 2001
The Brick Wall of Eastern European Jewish Genealogy; New Layout for the Family History Library; National Archives of Canada to Expand Their Genealogy Focus; Efforts to Release Canadian Census Records Gain Momentum; Website About Immigration; Information About Jewish Orphanages in the United States; An Analysis of Errors in the Ellis Island Database; Two New Databases on JewishGen; Search Engine at Avotaynu Site

Vol. 2, No. 21 - October 21, 2001
Ancestry Adds User Comments to All Its Databases; October Is Family History Month; Fall Issue of AVOTAYNU; Last Chance to Purchase 1910 NYC Census CD at Discount; Jewish Genealogical Trip to Salt Lake City

Vol. 2, No. 22 - November 4, 2001
News from Salt Lake; Improvements Made to the "Searching the Ellis Island Database in One Step" Site; Morton Allan Back in Print; An Opportunity to Contribute to the Winter Issue of AVOTAYNU

Vol. 2, No. 23 - November 18, 2001
1910 New York City Index CD; All Census Images Now at; Jewish Genealogy Month; Jewish Heraldry?; In Remembrance

Vol. 2, No. 24 - December 2, 2001
Palestine Post (1932-1950) Now Online; Inventory of Polish State Archives Now Online; Finding Aid for 1910 Census; New Book on Rabbinic Genealogical Research; Index to Immigrants in the 1870 U.S. Census Now on CD; Virus; Postcard Images

Vol. 2, No. 25 - December 16, 2001
New Shareware Is 1910 New York City Census Finding Aid; New York City World War II Draft Registrations; Announces World Family Tree; Law to Give Access to Canadian Census Moves Forward; California Reigns in Access to Birth Records; More on the Polish Archives Database; Polish Language Translator on the Internet; Polish Map Site

Vol. 2, No. 26 - December 30, 2001
Hamburg Emigration Index Now Covers Nine Years; 1920 Census for Manhattan and Brooklyn Indexed; Early News About the Toronto Conference; 1910 Census of Connecticut Finding Aid; Emigration/Immigration Internet Sites; New York City Commissioner of Records Is a Genealogist; Family History Library Renovations Near Completion; JRI-Poland Now has 1.5 Million Entries

Vol. 3, No. 1 - January 20, 2002
Bureaucrats Behaving Badly--Canadian Style; British 1901 Census Database Becomes Too Popular; Family Tree of the Jewish People Reaches 2 Million Entries; 1929 Polish Business Directory Images Now Online; Jewish Genealogy Month 2002; Winter Issue of AVOTAYNU; Will the Real Mark Ackerman Call Avotaynu

Vol. 3, No. 2 - February 10, 2002
Finding Aid Developed for 1930 U.S. Census; Czarist Edicts Regarding Jews Now on the Internet; AOL Becomes a Sponsor of the Ellis Island Database; Another Company Offering DNA Testing; New York Time Backfile Available on the Internet; Avotaynu Looking for Stories of ITS Failures; Chaplain for the Olympics Is a Chabad Rabbi; I'm Going to Hamburg

Vol. 3, No. 3 - February 24, 2002
Be Sure to Resubscribe to AVOTAYNU by February 28; Using Internet Search Engines for Genealogical Research; The Melungeons: Do They Have Jewish Blood?; U.S. Civil War Soldiers/Sailors System on the Internet; Adds 1920 Census Index for Chicago and Pennsylvania; List of Austrian Holocaust Victims of the Web; Finding Aid for 1930 U.S. Census--An Update; Jewish Genealogy Month Poster in the Mail

Vol. 3, No. 4 - March 10, 2002
Changing Your E-mail Address?; England and Wales Plans New Policies on Vital Records; Registration Open for 22nd International Conference on Jewish Genealogy; 1920 Census Index Now Includes Three More States; Plan to Build Replica of Zabludow Wooden Synagogue; Winners of AVOTAYNU Resubscription Contest

Vol. 3, No. 5 - March 24, 2002
International Conference on Jewish Genealogy Web Site Now in Operation; to Publish 1930 Census Records Within Hours of Official Government Release; Marketeers: Use Your Calculators; New Database of Jews Deported from France; Everyone Should Be Part of the Bone Marrow Pool; Consolidated Jewish Surname Index

Vol. 3, No. 6 - April 7, 2002
A Case Study in 20th-Century Research; "Rabbinic Genealogy Bibliography" Has Wider Value; 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica on Internet; Starts Making 1930 Census Available; 1901 British Census Still Not Available Online; Hotel Reservations at Toronto Conference; Happy Birthday JewishGen Family Finder; Family Tree Debuts on the History Channel

Vol. 3, No. 7 - April 21, 2002
Eastern European Archival Database Launched; Avotaynu Offers Encyclopedia of Jewish Life at 25% Off!!; International Roots Conference July 14-18; Spring Issue of AVOTAYNU at Printer; Makes Available First 1930 Census Index; Definition of a Holocaust Survivor; New Jewish Genealogical Society in Venezuela

Vol. 3, No. 8 - May 5, 2002
New Book by Avotaynu: Between Galicia and Hungary: The Jews of Stropkov; More Hamburg Emigration Records To Be on Internet; Sallyann Sack's Annual Trip to Israel; More Microfilms of Lithuanian Vital Records at Family History Library; Online Registration for the Toronto Conference; Will the 1901 British Census Ever Go Online?; 1930 Census Images for California and Connecticut; Avotaynu's Book on Galician Research

Vol. 3, No. 9 - May 21, 2002
Evaluating Genealogical Software Systems; News from the Family History Library; Books, Maps, Pamphlets on Eastern Europe; Tchochkes; Help to Write Your Bio; ...and for the Person Who Has Everything Genealogical; Plan Database of German Jews Based on 1939 Census; Early Registration Deadline for the Toronto Conference; New 1930 Census Images Online

Vol. 3, No. 10 - June 2, 2002
Shhhhhhh - 1901 Canadian Census Is Online; Complete Conference Program On Internet; Meorei Galicia Index Now Online; A Problem That Won't Go Away; List of Town Names from Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Now Available; JPEG Images of Postcards Available at Avotaynu Site

Vol. 3, No. 11 - June 16, 2002
Ukrainian Archives Now Has English-language Web Site; Some Advanced Features of the Morse Ellis Island Database Portal; Complete Index to 1920 Census Now Online; Avotaynu to Exhibit at Toronto Conference; The Human Side of Genealogy; Internet Summer Camp at International Roots Conference; Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Wins AJL Reference Award

Vol. 3, No. 12 - June 30, 2002
Governments Consider Tightening Access to Vital Records; International Roots Conference Canceled; Breakfast with Experts and Luncheons at Toronto Conference; Salt Lake City Now Has Kosher Deli; Advance Order Avotaynu Books for Conference Now; 1930 Census Images of Maryland Now Available; New Shareware Converts Data to Excel File

Vol. 3, No. 13 - July 14, 2002
Hamburg Emigration Sites Adds Additional Years; Jewish Vital Records of Quebec Indexing Project; An Alternate Conference; Dorotree Genealogical Software; Little Known Feature of JewishGen Search Engines; Jews of Stropkov Shipped

Vol. 3, No. 14 - July 28, 2002
ProQuest Announces "Heritage Quest Online"; to Offer World War I Draft Records; and the 1930 Census; Stephen Morse Calendar Converter-Worth a Look; Many Eastern European Towns Have Websites; Reminder: Advance Order Avotaynu Books for Conference Now; Next Issue of Nu? What's New? Will Slip a Week

Vol. 3, No. 15 - August 25, 2002
More Evidence of "No Free Lunch"; When Will the Ellis Island Database Be Improved?; IAJGS and FGS Conferences Are History; Updated Version of Family History Library CD; Claims 85% of 1930 Census Now Online; Update on Online England/Wales Census of 1901; Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People Moving

Vol. 3, No. 16 - September 2, 2002 - Special Edition
Steve Morse "One-Step" Site Forced to Shut Down

Vol. 3, No. 17 - September 4, 2002 - Special Edition
The Latest Status of the Stephen Morse Site; Ellis Island Foundation Explains Its Position

Vol. 3, No. 18 - September 9, 2002
Latest News About the Morse Ellis Island Site; Deportations from France during the Holocaust; A Very Unusual Feature of a Genealogical Software System; More on Next Year's Washington Conference; WOWW-Revised Edition Nearing Completion

Vol. 3, No. 19 - September 22, 2002
No New Public News About Ellis Island Database; Where Once We Walked: Revised Edition; Race and U.S. Immigration Laws; Pedigree Resource File; 1901 Census of England and Wales Back Online; 10th-Annual Jewish Genealogical Research Trip to Salt Lake City; Thank You, Stephen Morse

Vol. 3, No. 20 - October 6, 2002
Morse's Handiwork Now Has Copycats; 1901-1906 Jewish Encyclopedia Online; WOWW-RE to the Printer; Deadline for Pre-Publication WOWW-RE Offer Nears; Example of Nearby Town Feature; Apropos to the Worth of WOWW; Guidelines for Publishing Web Pages on the Internet; CENSUSES IN THE NEWS; Release of Post-1901 Canadian Censuses Moves a Step Closer to Success; American Likes the 1901 British Census Online; Entire U.S. 1930 Census Now Online; Ancestry's Next Census Project; Planned Census Release: Mark Your Calendar for January 1, 2101

Vol. 3, No. 21 - October 20, 2002
Morse/Ellis Island Dispute Resolved; Call for Papers: 23rd International Conference on Jewish Genealogy; Internet Privacy Policies; Deadline for WOWW Pre-Publication Offers Passes; Next Edition of Nu? What's New? Will Be November 10

Vol. 3, No. 22 - November 10, 2002
The Appeal of Online Research; 1880 US Census, and 1881 Canadian and British Census Now Online; Morse "Short Form" Site Now Giving Good Performance; Avotaynu Marketing Library and FTJP CDs; Fall Issue of AVOTAYNU in the Mail; Ship Date for Where Once We Walked: Revised Edition; CAHJP Back in Operation

Vol. 3, No. 23 - November 24, 2002
New Book by Avotaynu: Sephardic Genealogy; Adds 1930 Census Every-Name Index for California, Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania; German Emigration Lists; Name-Change Gazetteers on the Internet; Article About Auschwitz Resources on Internet; Stephen Morse Now Has A SSDI Website

Vol. 3, No. 24 - December 8, 2002
Hadassah Lieberman to Be Banquet Speaker at Annual Conference; More Name-Change Internet Sites; Another Way of Showing Family Trees on the Internet; Pilot Project Evaluates Ordering Vital Records from Polish State Archives Online; Jewish Genealogy Month to Be April 3 - May 2; Publish Lists of Prisoners in the Siauliai Ghetto; Every-name Index of the 1930 Census; WOWW Is Shipping

Vol. 3, No. 25 - December 22, 2002
Pressure Mounts to Release Canadian Census Data; New York City Marriage Indexes Released; The Problem That Won't Go Away -- The Sequel; Yiddish Institute in Vilnius, Lithuania; Winter Issue of AVOTAYNU; Avotaynu Office Closed December 29 - January 17; JPEG Images of Postcards Available at Avotaynu Site

Vol. 3, No. 26 - January 26, 2003
JewishGen Acquired by Museum of Jewish Heritage; Genealogy Exhibit at Museum of Tolerance; Canada to Release 1906 Census Records to Public; Consolidated Jewish Surname Index Updated; New Book: In Their Words: A Genealogist's Translation Guide--Volume II: Russian; Jewish Genealogy Month -- April 3 to May 2; Beider Given Name List To Be Used As a Standard; Completes Index to 1930 Census; Misspelled Town Names in the Ellis Island Database

Vol. 4, No. 1 - February 9, 2003
YIVO Photo Collection on Internet; Canadian Parliament to Consider Census Bill; Register Online for the International Conference on Jewish Genealogy; Articles on World War I and World War II Draft Registration Cards; Renewal Deadline for AVOTAYNU is February 28; "Genealogy" a Spam Word?

Vol. 4, No. 2 - February 23, 2003
Final Notice! Renewal Deadline for AVOTAYNU Is February 28; List of U.S. World War II Casualties Available on Internet; Archivist of the United States To Be Keynote Speaker at Conference; Two Holocaust-related JewishGen Databases Are Updated; New Site for Anglo-Jewish Research; More on Release of Canadian Census Records; eGenConference Is Planned; IAJGS Planning Genealogy Cruise; Finding People

Vol. 4, No. 3 - March 16, 2003
Avotaynu Plans to Publish Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy; What's Nu with Stephen P. Morse; Stephen Morse Takes On; Morse 1930 Census Site Now Links to; Morse Ellis Island Site Now Includes All Ports; Brooklyn Daily Eagle (1841-1902) Now Online; New Avotaynu Offering: Ships of Our Ancestors; DC Conference Will Include Three State Archivists; Avotaynu Authors to Have Book Signings at Washington Conference; Jewish Genealogy Month April 3 - May 2

Vol. 4, No. 4 - March 30, 2003
Avotaynu Brings Back Prenumerantn Lists; At Last: Genealogical Resources in New York to Be Published; Routes to Roots Foundation Database Has New Material; Ukrainian Archives Expands Its Web Presence in English; Morse Ellis Island Site Makes It Easier for Common Name Searches; JewishGen Adds an All-Hungary Database; Central Archives for the Jewish People Needs Financial Aid; Sites with Indexes to New York Naturalizations; Launch Canadian Genealogy Centre Web Site; Photos of Warsaw Ghetto at Yad Vashem Site

Vol. 4, No. 5 - April 6, 2003
Sephardic Genealogy Wins ALA Judaica Reference Award; Articles in the Spring Issue of AVOTAYNU; Advanced Subscriber List for The Guide

Vol. 4, No. 6 - April 13, 2003
Major Fire at Kamianets-Podilsky Archives; Acquires; Steven Spielberg Develops Online Films of Jewish Life; Last Chance: Deadline for Genealogical Resources in New York Offer; Sample Chapter of Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy Available on Internet; Spring Issue of AVOTAYNU; ProQuest Genealogy Databases

Vol. 4, No. 7 - April 27, 2003
Hamburg Emigration Site Adds Additional Years; Comments on Previous Nu? What's New? Articles; Head of Romanian Archives to Attend Annual Conference; Unusual Avotaynu Web Pages; Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy to Include Illustrations from 1901-1906 Jewish Encyclopedia

Vol. 4, No. 8 - May 11, 2003
The Problem That Won't Go Away: First American Jewish Families Used for Posthumous Baptisms; Two Important Deadlines on May 15; Article on Using the Google Search Engine for Genealogy; AVOTAYNU on CD-ROM Has Been Updated; Lithuania Discovers Its Jewish Past and Future; Pictures of the Fire at the Kamenets Podilskiy Archives

Vol. 4, No. 9 - May 25, 2003
Listings in the Advanced Subscriber List of The Guide; On Privacy and Security; The Nigerian E-mail Scam with a Genealogical Twist; Tomasz Wisniewski Offering Tour/Photo Services; Beshert - Pre-ordained - Destined to Be

Vol. 4, No. 10 - June 8, 2003
Mark Your Calendar - Next Year in Jerusalem; Dictionary of Surnames Currently Used in Poland; More Canada-to-U.S. Border Crossings Filmed; Gleanings from the NGS Conference; Online Exhibit of Jews of Lithuania at the Beginning of the 20th Century; Little Old Ladies in Tennis Sneakers?; Genealogical Resources in New York

Vol. 4, No. 11 - June 22, 2003
eGenConference: A Review; New Online Indexes; Abandons Free Use of Its Site; Index to Articles Appearing in AVOTAYNU Updated; Book Signings by Avotaynu Authors at the Annual Conference

Vol. 4, No. 12 - July 13, 2003
Another Stephen P. Morse Portal; Next Year in Jerusalem; More Book Signings at the Conference; News About Online Databases; Hey, Mister, Wanna Buy a Subscription to AVOTAYNU Cheap?; Classical E-mail Inquiries

Vol. 4, No. 13 - July 27, 2003
Major Announcements Made at 23rd International Conference on Jewish Genealogy; Yad Vashem Unveils Online Pages of Testimony; Yad Vashem to Digitize Their Microfilm Collection; National Yiddish Book Center to Reprint Yizkor Books; JewishGen Announces All-Country Database Systems; JewishGen Launches Online Worldwide Burial Registry

Vol. 4, No. 14 - August 10, 2003
Lawrence Sack Passes Away; Major Improvement to Online Family History Library Catalog; Jewish Genealogical Research Trip to Salt Lake City; Auschwitz Archives Prisoner List Online; Canadian Naturalization Index 1915-1932 Now Online; CD-ROM Identifies French Naturalizations from 1900-1950; FGS Conference in Orlando; New Publication Date for Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy; Discovering Your Jewish Roots in Galicia Going Out of Print

Vol. 4, No. 15 - August 24, 2003
The Wolf Blitzer and Christiane Amanpour of Jewish Genealogy; JRI-Poland/Polish State Archives Online Ordering Project a Success; Photographs/Audio Tapes of the Washington Conference Available; Only a Limited Number of Openings Available for Salt Lake City Trip; Galicia Book Sold Out; A Case Study

Vol. 4, No. 16 - September 14, 2003
Beth Hatefutsoth May Close Its Doors; Search Bureau Functions Taken Over by Central Zionist Archives; DNA Testing - I Am Confused As to Its Value; Ellis Island Database Still Shows No Improvements; Avotaynu Foundation Publishes Two New Family Histories;

Vol. 4, No. 17 - September 29, 2003
Levite DNA Show Descent from Central Asia; A 1911 Encyclopedia Online; Center for Jewish History Plans Major Expansion; Change of Dates for Annual Conference on Jewish Genealogy

Vol. 4, No. 18 - October 19, 2003
Call For Presentations, Jerusalem 2004; Israeli Telephone Book Portal at Stephen Morse Site; IAJGS Offers Films to Member Societies; Images of Broadsides for Trans-Atlantic Steamships; Gone Fiching

Vol. 4, No. 19 - November 9, 2003
Demise of Netscape; Ancestry Places World War I Draft Records Online; JRI-Poland Expands Its Records Shopping Basket System; Latest News about the 2004 Conference; A Visit to the Family History Library; Case Study: Locating Ancestral Towns; Acquisition of Hereditary Surnames in the Warsaw Area; Fear of Terrorism; "Inappropriate Content"

Vol. 4, No. 20 - November 23, 2003 Plans Everyname Index to 1850-1892 Ship Arrivals; Some Excellent European Maps on the Internet; Origin of Ashkenazic Levites; Annual Conference Looking for Volunteers; New Jewish Genealogical Society - Denmark; Feedback about Alternatives to Internet Explorer; My Annual Trip to Salt Lake City

Vol. 4, No. 21 - December 7, 2003
Avotaynu Updates Magnates List; A Remarkable Chanukah Gift; A Graphic Example of What the Holocaust Did to Jewry; More DNA Research Aids in Defining Jewish History; Committee for Jerusalem Conference Announces Hotel Room Rates; Plans for 2005 and 2006 Seminars; Two New Books on Jewish Surnames; Seeks to Have Gorr Collection Available for Jerusalem Conference

Vol. 4, No. 22 - December 21, 2003
Hamburg Database Now Includes Nearly 2 Million Emigrants; AVOTAYNU Issue to Press; A New Book Worth Reading; Website Depicts Latvia Today; Other Interesting Web Sites; Winter Issue of AVOTAYNU to Include Books In Print; Encyclopedia Orders Sent to Publisher

Vol. 5, No. 1 - January 11, 2004
Jewish Genealogy Month 2004; Book of Sephardic Surnames; Central Zionist Archives and Search Bureau for Missing Relatives; "The Problem That Won't Go Away": The Mormon/Jewish Controversy Heats Up

Vol. 5, No. 2 - January 25, 2004
Jewish Records in the Family History Library Database to Be Updated; Searching for Argentinean Relatives; Nears Completion of Pre-Ellis Island Index; News About the Jerusalem Conference; Google Has a New Operator; RAF Aerial Photos To Be Placed on Internet; New JewishGen Search Engines; The Children of the Vilna Gaon; And Finally... "The Problem That Won't Go Away" Who is the Most Famous Rabbi in America?

Vol. 5, No. 3 - February 8, 2004
Yiddish Book Center Yizkor Book Reprints To Be Available Soon; Juergen Sielemann Honored With Obermayer Award; About AVOTAYNU; Winter Issue of AVOTAYNU to Printer; Special Offer to New Subscribers; How AVOTAYNU Gets Edited; The Only Article Ever Banned from AVOTAYNU

Vol. 5, No. 4 - February 22, 2004
New Printing Technique Makes Publishing Family Histories Cheaper; Yad Vashem Yizkor Book List Now Online; More News About the Jerusalem Conference; Pictures of Active Synagogues in the Former Soviet Union Now Online; Completes Pre-Ellis Island Index; French Deportations Online; Two New JewishGen Databases

Vol. 5, No. 5 - March 14, 2004
The Lurie Legacy to be Available at End of Month; Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy Nearing Completion; A Possibly Useful Service of Google; Maps and Material About the Jews of Poland; Romanian-Jewish Name Lists Now Online; JRI-Poland Completes Its Shopping Cart System; Record Access in New Jersey; Reminder to AVOTAYNU Subscribers

Vol. 5, No. 6 - March 28, 2004
Have You Renewed Your Subscription to AVOTAYNU?; More Than 700 Yizkor Books to Be Placed on the Internet; Yad Vashem Digitizing Master Index of International Tracing Service; Registration for the Annual Conference in Jerusalem Now Possible; Online Video of the Hamburg Emigrant Experience; How Napoleon's Coat Became the Curtain for the Ark of the Torah

Vol. 5, No. 7 - April 11, 2004
Avotaynu Offering From Generation to Generation At Special Price; Romanian Archives Restricts Records Access; The Mormon-Jewish Controversy: "The Problem That Won't Go Away"; 165 Lectures Planned for Israel Conference; Yad Vashem Central Database of Holocaust Victims Grows; Index to New York City Deaths 1891-1911 Now on Internet; John Carlin to Step Down as Archivist of the United States; Ellis Island Foundation Concludes "If You Can't Fight Them, Join Them"; 20-year-old Typo Has Gone Undetected

Vol. 5, No. 8 - April 25, 2004 Offering Online Courses on Jewish Genealogy; Adds 1901 British Census to Its Databases; Online Bremen Lists Expanded; Imotaynu vs. Imahotaynu; Romanian AVOTAYNU Contributing Editor Receives Appointment; Avotaynu Business; Another Good Buy from Avotaynu; Bashert

Vol. 5, No. 9 - May 9, 2004
Yiddish Book Center Makes Yizkor Book Reprints Available; Finally! Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy Has Gone to the Printer; News About the Jerusalem Conference; Family History Library Expanding Again; JPEG Images of Postcards Available at Avotaynu Site; Avotaynu Office Closed May 14 - May 24; Beware of a Strange Virus

Vol. 5, No. 10 - May 30, 2004
We've Come a Long Way Baby; Polish Sources at the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People; News from the NGS Conference; ProQuest 1920 Census Index and Images; Adds 1910 Index; A Family Tree Quilt; Publish Your Family History on CD-ROM; More Regarding DNA for Genealogy; The Incredible Dr. Morse Does It Again--1910 Census; Pages of Testimony to Be Online This Fall; Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy Ship Date; Reminder: Shabbat Dinner at Jerusalem Conference

Vol. 5, No. 11 - June 13, 2004
The Amazing Dr. Morse (and Friends); Index to Hamburg Emigrants Passes 2 Million Mark; ITS Records May Be Available to the Public; Shabat Discussion Group at the Jerusalem Conference; 18th-Century Records of the Vilna Gaon Family; Argentinean Jewish Death Index Online; NARA Places World War II Soldier Database Online; Five Books Received the AJL "Best Reference Book" Award; A Message That Will Be Posted on JewishGen Ten Years from Now

Vol. 5, No. 12 - June 27, 2004
An Interesting Genealogy Project; Broken Links; Avotaynu Going to the Conference

Vol. 5, No. 13 - August 1, 2004
The 24th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy Is History; We've Come a Long Way, Baby; IAJGS Announces Annual Awards at Jerusalem Conference; Future Conferences; Security in Israel; Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy Has Been Shipped; Collection Now Includes San Francisco Passenger Lists 1890-1912; First American Jewish Families Now on Internet; Jewish Genealogical Research Trip to Salt Lake City; Global Surname Search;; Reminder: Special Book Offers

Vol. 5, No. 14 - August 15, 2004
Conference Lectures Available on CD-ROM; Photos of New York Buildings; Summer Issue of AVOTAYNU Contains a "First"; A Scam Involving Holocaust Assets; Tradition

Vol. 5, No. 15 - August 29, 2004
Did Mr. Roth Have Red Hair?; Two New Functions at Stephen P. Morse Site; Yizkor Book Reproductions from National Yiddish Book Center; Clearance Sale; Boy, Have They Got Our Number; Speaking of Food; FGS Conference in Austin, Texas

Vol. 5, No. 16 - September 12, 2004
Yad Vashem Plans to Launch Its Names Database on November 22; Ellis Island Site Adds New Search Functionality; More Ellis Island Database Improvements; The Generic Dr. Morse; News from the FGS Conference; 1901 Canadian Census Being Indexed; Australia Jewish Genealogical Society to Celebrate Its Bar Mitzvah; Clearance Sale Continues for Russian-Jewish Given Names: Their Origins and Variants

Vol. 5, No. 17 - September 26, 2004
Nu? What's New? Has a New Look; Software for Placing Your Family History on the Internet; A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia to the Printer Shortly; National Archives of Canada Adds Online Collections; Another Stephen P. Morse Function; Postcard Images of Interwar Poland on Internet; Search Engine for Nu? What's New? Archives;

Vol. 5, No. 18 - October 10, 2004
A Conference for Convict Ancestors; Index to Australian Passenger Arrivals Online; Italian Genealogy Group Makes New York City Marriage Index Available; Galician Book to Go to Printer This Week; Stephen Morse Adds More Search Engine Portals; Another Web-based Genealogical Software System; Updates World War I Draft Registration Database; NGS Regional Conference in Phoenix This January; Another Language Translation Site; On Privacy, Security (and Now, Terrorism); Gone Fiching

Vol. 5, No. 19 - November 7, 2004
AOL Blocks Last Issue of Nu? What's New?; Ellis Island Site Improves Search Engine; Information About 25th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy; News from Salt Lake City; Status of Passenger Arrivals Indexes; New Avotaynu Catalog Being Mailed; Avoid This Scam

Vol. 5, No. 20 - November 17, 2004 - Special Edition
Help Test the Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names

Vol. 5, No. 21 - November 28, 2004
Early Use of the Yad Vashem Names Database; Ellis Island Database Takes a Step Backwards; Using the Advanced Search Feature of the Ellis Island Database; Submitting Corrections to the Ellis Island Database; Online Registration for Las Vegas Conference Soon; Canada May Allow Public Access to 20th-Century Census Records; More Utilities from Stephen P. Morse; A Technique for Finding Missing Relatives; Fall Issue of AVOTAYNU; Call for Human Interest Stories, New Family Histories; Catalog Discount Ends December 7

Vol. 5, No. 22 - December 12, 2004
Help Grow the Shoah Victims' Names Database; Israel Genealogical Society Helping to Locate Page of Testimony Submitters; Canadian Researchers Try the Legal Route to Access Census Records; Steve Morse Solves the Last-Name Only Restriction of EIDB; Jewish Presence in Post-Expulsion Spanish Colonies; Now Shipping A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia

Vol. 5, No. 23 - December 19, 2004
New York Public Library Adds Many Yizkor Books Online; New York State Census Finding Aids from Stephen P. Morse; Excellent Military Maps of 19th-Century Europe; Online Gazetteer of the World Has Moved; Web Site Provides Search Engine to Many Archives in England; Central Zionist Archives Improves Web Site; Register Now for the Las Vegas Conference; New Book: The Naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1834 and 1835: Revised Edition; Sephardic Dreidels?

Vol. 5, No. 24 - January 2, 2005
Task Force Requests Public Access to ITS Records; Index to Births, Marriages and Deaths of England and Wales; Site Identifies 31,000 Victims at Mauthausen Camp; Now Has Death Index for Florida 1936-98; Index to Kishinev Birth Records Now Online; Morse Withdraws Yizkor Book Portal; Jews-Officers in the Polish Armed Forces

Vol. 5, No. 25 - January 23, 2005
Avotaynu Now Selling Dictionary of Sephardic Surnames; Online Encyclopedia of Genealogy; U.S. Library of Congress Digitizing Some of Its Books; Historic Hebrew Newspapers Now Available Online; Completes Passenger Lists; Website Identifies Thousands of Dutch-Jewish Individuals

Vol. 6, No. 1 - February 13, 2005
Morse Adds New Capability to Ellis Island Database Search; What Do Sam Horowitz and Peying H Kim Have In Common; Winter Issue of AVOTAYNU to the Printer; Central Zionist Archives Website; New Book: The Old Jewish Cemeteries of Newark; The Latest from; Grave Locator for Government Cemeteries in U.S.; Group Trip to Lithuania; Comments of Articles in the Last Issue of Nu? What's New?

Vol. 6, No. 2 - February 27, 2005
Latest News About the Annual Conference; New Book: Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary; Online Guide to Genealogical Resources in Israel; New Google Map Feature; New Databases of Interest; An Avotaynu Milestone; Last Chance to Take Advantage of AVOTAYNU Subscription Offer

Vol. 6, No. 3 - March 13, 2005
Announcing A Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames; New York Public Library Places Many Yizkor Books on Internet; Hamburg Emigration Index to Include New Records; Book on Hamburg Experience; The Latest from Stephen P. Morse; The Latest from; Jewish Genealogy Month

Vol. 6, No. 4 - March 27, 2005
London Gazette Now Online; Searching Eastern European Directories; Deadlines Looming for Avotaynu Offers; About the All-SIG Databases; New at the Stephen P. Morse Site; New from; Spam Filters and Nu? What's New?; Is There Such a Thing as a Beautiful Picture of the Holocaust

Vol. 6, No. 5 - April 12, 2005
The Mormon-Jewish Controversy: The Problem That Won't Go Away; Come to the Las Vegas Conference; JPEG Images of Postcards Once Again Available at Avotaynu Site; Audio Portion of Genealogy TV Show Accessible on Internet; New from; A Passover Story;

Vol. 6, No. 6 - May 1, 2005
Mormon-Jewish Dialogue Continues; Complete Program for Las Vegas Conference Now Online; News of Interest to Canadian Researchers; USHMM Filming in Ukraine; Databases on Amsterdam Jewry; New York Law May Make Vital Records More Accessible; Time To Be Thinking About Passover 2006; Getting Popes Mixed

Vol. 6, No. 7 - May 15, 2005
Canadian Census Law May Pass Soon; Accessing Abandoned Web Pages; Morse Improves on Social Security Death Index Search; California Birth Index 1905-1995; Online Database of Persons Interned in Soviet Gulags; Annual Jewish Genealogy Trip to Salt Lake City; Spring Issue of AVOTAYNU; A Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames To Be Shipped

Vol. 6, No. 8 - June 12, 2005
Consolidated Jewish Surname Index Updated; "Index of the Repressed"; News from the NGS Conference; A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire Out of Print; Using Stephen P. Morse Portals for Databases; State Archives in L'viv Closed to Investigate Thievery

Vol. 6, No. 9 - June 26, 2005
Canadian Census Bill May Not Pass Until Fall; Annual Conference Starts July 10; Avotaynu Taking Orders Only at Las Vegas Conference; A Bit of Stephen P. Morse Humor; Avotaynu Offices Closed July 2-25. Place Orders for Books Now!; New Book by Avotaynu: German Name-Change Gazetteer; New Book: Soft Cover Version of Sourcebook for Jewish Genealogies and Family Histories; Out of Print: How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust

Vol. 6, No. 10 - June 28, 2005 -SPECIAL EDITION
Canadian Census Bill Is Law!; Last Issue of Nu? What's New? Until August 1

Vol. 6, No. 11 - August 14, 2005
Second Castle Garden Database Online; JewishGen Adds Enhanced Search Features; Canadian 1911 Census Now Online; Searching Online Eastern European Directories; French-Jewish Libraries Develop Online Catalog; Paris Police to Open Their Archives to Shoah Memorial Archives; Next Year's International Conference on Jewish Genealogy; To Make Available Every-Name Index for 1920 Census; Two Opportunities To Do Research in Salt Lake City

Vol. 6, No. 12 - August 28, 2005
Do You Want Your Family History To Be on Television?; Online Polish Gazetteer; Online Information About German Soldiers Killed in the Two World Wars; NARA Has Online Lists of People; Summer Issue of AVOTAYNU; Avotaynu Shipping German Name-Change Gazetteer; Jewish Genealogical Societies; The Jews of Nigeria; A Little Bit of Internet Humor; Next Edition of Nu? What's New? Will Be September 18

Vol. 6, No. 13 - September 11, 2005
19,234,000,000,000,000 bytes; Shaltiel: One Family's Journey Through History; Attention Genealogy Junkies in the Northeastern United States; American Jewish Historical Society Adds to Online Databases; Jewish Community of New Orleans; Firm Measures Popularity of Genealogy

Vol. 6, No. 14 - September 21, 2005
Avotaynu and JewishGen Servers Not Functioning

Vol. 6, No. 15 - October 2, 2005
Happy New Year to all!; JewishGen and Avotaynu Servers; John Martino, Consummate Volunteer; News from 1920 Census Index and Florida Ship Arrivals; Ukraine SIG Offers Recipes; Last Chance for Discount Offer; What Is the Most Universal Jewish Surname?; AOL Users: Font Size Too Small?; Poor Bernard Kouchel

Vol. 6, No. 16 - November 13, 2005
New York City Brides' Index Online; The Last Useful Feature of the Ellis Island Search Engine; Hamburg Emigrant Index Now Extends to 1910; Online Database of 250,000 Holocaust Records; Project to Index Canadian Passenger Lists; Wanted: Human Interest Articles for Winter Issue of AVOTAYNU; Winter Issue of AVOTAYNU To Include Books In Print; New Databases at; Beautiful Representations of Family Trees; Paper Clips

Vol. 6, No. 17 - November 27, 2005
Help Grow the Shoah Victims' Names Database; Who Owns the Copyright?; Registration for 2006 Conference Now Online; Plan to Place Canadian Ship Manifests Online; Israel Genealogical Society Site Identifies Family Trees; Fall Issue of AVOTAYNU; Morse Site Can Search List of 30 Alternatives Too; Seeking Web Sites With Jewish Newspapers Online; Sephardic Dictionary Now In Stock

Vol. 6, No. 18 - December 18, 2005
Mormons Baptize Their Relatives As Well As Their Ancestors; Wikipedias Now Exist for Many Countries; Article on DNA and Jewish History; Jewish Newspapers Online; Using the Polish State Archives Online Catalog; Morse Site Can Overload Systems; The Latest at the Stephen P. Morse One-Step Site

Vol. 6, No. 19 - January 8, 2006
New Milestone for Nu? What's New?; Speakers for International Conference on Jewish Genealogy Come from Many Countries; to Index 1911 Census of Canada; A Crack in the Romanian Archival Dike?; New from Stephen P. Morse; About the United States Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad; A Guide To Jewish Genealogy in the United Kingdom; Avotaynu Catalog; It Isn't Genealogy but Here Is a Remarkable Map Site; It Also Isn't Genealogy But...

Vol. 6, No. 20 - January 22, 2006
More from Stephen P. Morse; News from Ancestry; FGS to Start a National Youth Family History Society; New Auschwitz Information Online; Canadian Passenger Lists to Be Available in March; Pictures of Turn-of-the-20th-Century Eretz Yisrael; Salt Lake Plaza to Be Used for Dormitories; CAHJP Needs Financial Help; 40% of Ashkenazic Jewry Descended from Just Four Women

Vol. 6, No. 21 - February 5, 2006
International Institute for Jewish Genealogy Opens in Jerusalem; Provides Index to Vital Records of England and Wales; Places Index to 1911 Canadian Census Online; Morse Site Now Includes Portals to the Canadian 1901 and 1911 Censuses; Online Bremen Lists Expanded; New Edition of AVOTAYNU on CD-ROM--Special Offer

Vol. 7, No. 1 - February 19, 2006
Chaim Freedman Stirs the Pot; International Institute of Jewish Genealogy Receives Warm Reception; Winter Issue of AVOTAYNU To Be Mailed Shortly; New from Stephen P. Morse; Canada and Australia Censuses Now Have Opt In Plan; Write an Article for AVOTAYNU; Last Chance for AVOTAYNU on CD-ROM at Special Price

Vol. 7, No. 2 - March 5, 2006
Comcast Blocked Last Issue of Nu? What's New?; German Government Blocks Public Access to ITS Records; Innovation at the Annual Conference of Jewish Genealogy; Jewish Genealogy Month 2006; Two Avotaynu Books Win Awards; Montreal Directories Online; U.S. National Archives Starts Pilot Project to Digitize Films; Winter Issue of AVOTAYNU in the Mail

Vol. 7, No. 3 - March 19, 2006
Reaction to German "Veto" of Public Access to ITS Data; Australian 2006 Census Has Opt-in Question; Canadian 2006 Census Opt-in Question; Stephen P. Morse Completes Linking of New York Bride and Groom Indexes; Index to 1929 Polish Business Directory Online; Time to Renew Your Subscription to AVOTAYNU

Vol. 7, No. 4 - April 9, 2006
Outcry for Release of ITS Records Continues; ArchiveGrid Launched; New Book: Guidebook for Sephardic and Oriental Genealogical Sources in Israel; 26th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy; Two Other Conferences Worth Considering; Searching AVOTAYNU on CD-ROM for Moments in History; Spring Issue of AVOTAYNU; "Evelyne Regains Her Identity"; "Grain of Truth"; It's Not Genealogy, But...

Vol. 7, No. 5 - April 18, 2006
SPECIAL EDITION Germany Approves Release of ITS Records; Tel Aviv Chevra Kadisha Provides Online Death Records

Vol. 7, No. 6 - April 23, 2006
USCIS To Provide Fee-for-Service Genealogy Program; Missouri Places Death Certificates Online; New At the Stephen P. Morse Site; IAJGS Conference To Include a Computer Learning Center; Online Course in Jewish Genealogy; Family Tree DNA Reduces Prices for DNA Testing; More Evidence of Rabbinic Pedigrees; New Book: History of the Jews of Schneidemühl: 1641 to the Holocaust

Vol. 7, No. 7 - May 14, 2006
German Bundesarchiv Updates Gedenkbuch; American Jewish Committee Archives Online Includes Jewish Yearbooks; Complete IAJGS Conference Program Now Online; IAJGS Conference in 2008 Will Be in Chicago; Cemeteries Starting To Place Databases Online; Adds a Catalog Feature; Census Browser at Morse Site; Featured Book: History of the Jews in Russia and Poland; Followup: Online U.S. Birth/Death Certificates; Followup: Yet Another Computer Pioneer

Vol. 7, No. 8 - June 4, 2006
ITS Commission Approves Public Access to Their Records; An Important Article in AVOTAYNU; Jewish Genealogy Group Forming in Spain; Exhibitors List for IAJGS Conference Now Available; Adds WWII "Old Man's" Draft Cards to Their Site; Montreal City Directories Online; New Book: Roots and Remembrance

Vol. 7, No. 9 - June 18, 2006
Mormon/Jewish Controversy: The Problem That Won't Go Away—Helen Radkey Banned from Family History Library; Online Directories at Logan Kleinwaks Site; French Memorial List; Wanted by Stephen P. Morse: A Few Good Volunteers; New Book: Jews of Kopcheve; Monaco To Study Its Role in the Holocaust; Help Grow the Shoah Victims' Names Database; We Are Now Shipping Guidebook for Sephardic and Oriental Genealogical Sources in Israel; We Are Now Shipping History of the Jews of Schneidemühl; On A Personal Note

Vol. 7, No. 10 - July 2, 2006
ITS Director Replaced; Mormon/Jewish Controversy: The Problem That Won't Go Away: More About the Helen Radkey Incident; Don't Forget the Resource Room at the International Conference; New Book: Taking Tamar; Completes U.S. Census Project; ProQuest to Terminate Remote Access for Institutional Subscribers; JGS of Montreal Has Index to Jewish Quebec Vital Records; Stephen Morse Links to New York Cemetery Databases; Argentinean Equivalent of the "Sean Ferguson" Legend

Vol. 7, No. 11 - July 16, 2006
ITS Charging for Research; Mormon/Jewish Controversy: The Problem That Won't Go Away--Using Government Records for Religious Purposes; Clarification of ProQuest Remote Access; Dick Eastman's Genealogy E-Zine; Book Signings at the New York Conference; Avotaynu to Discontinue Offering JPEG Images of Ancestral Towns; Summer Issue of AVOTAYNU; "Taking Tamar" Now Being Shipped; It Isn't About Genealogy - News from the Front

Vol. 7, No. 12 - July 30, 2006
Yad Vashem Adds New Major Database to Internet: "Shoah Related Lists Database"; Brunhilde Katz: Symbol of the Shoah Related Lists Database; Eight of 11 Nations Signed Off on Public Access to ITS Records; The Mormon/Jewish Controversy: The Problem That Won't Go Away: Genealogical Society of Utah; Don't Miss the Event of the Decade: 26th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy; Avotaynu Presence at Annual Conference; NARA Plans to Reduce Opening Hours; Last Chance: Avotaynu to Discontinue Offering JPEG Images of Ancestral Towns

Vol. 7, No. 13 - August 27, 2006
Mormon/Jewish Controversy: The Problem That Won't Go Away: This is Emes; Stephen P. Morse Given Lifetime Achievement Award; International Conference on Jewish Genealogy a Success; Jewish Genealogy Blog Started; First Genealogy Skypecast Held; New Offering: New Encyclopedia of Judaism; New book: Grandeur and Glory (of Galicia)

Vol. 7, No. 14 - September 6, 2006
IIJG Symposium September 10–12; Petition to Protest NARA Plans to Reduce Hours of Operation; Yad Vashem Wants Volunteers to Encourage Pages of Testimony Submissions; Leslie Caplan Dies; Site About Polish Jewry; On the Silly Side: Auschwitz Renamed

Vol. 7, No. 15 - September 17, 2006
Report on First Symposium of International Institute for Jewish Genealogy; New Products at the FGS Conference; New Book: A Field Guide to Visiting a Jewish Cemetery; Google Provides Online Index to Old Newspapers; Fifth Cemetery in New York City Area Goes Online; Tooting My Own Horn

Vol. 7, No. 16 - October 8, 2006
What is the Profile of a Genealogist?; Now Has British Phone Books, 1880-1984, Online; FGS Offers Downloading of Conference Lectures; Adds Newspaper Birth, Marriage and Death Announcements, 1851-2003; Getting a Bit of Competition; Mormon Church to Redo Downtown Salt Lake City; Wanted: Human Interest Articles for Winter Issue of AVOTAYNU; AVOTAYNU Publishes Jewish Family History Books in Print; Now Shipping A Field Guide to Visiting a Jewish Cemetery; First Blogs and Now Vlogs; On the Lighter Side

Vol. 7, No. 17 - October 29, 2006
Problems Receiving "Nu? What's New?"; Canadian Passenger Lists 1865-1922 Now Online; Mormons Plan Substantial Improvements to; The Importance of Special Interest Groups; Denial of U.S. Citizenship; New Software: Map My Family Tree; Benjamin Meed Dies

Vol. 7, No. 18 - November 9, 2006
Special Edition: Makes Major Announcements About Passenger Lists; U.S. Passenger Lists; Stephen P. Morse Portal to Ancestry Passenger Lists; All Hamburg Emigration Lists to Be Available December 2006

Vol. 7, No. 19 - November 19, 2006
Lars Menk Wins Obermayer Award; IAJGS Announces Conference Plans; Website:; Special CD Offer of Jewish History Books; News from the SIGs; Article About International Tracing Service; Nick Vine Hall Dies; Fall Issue of AVOTAYNU; Avotaynu Catalog Available

Vol. 7, No. 20 - December 3, 2006
Stephen Morse Creates the Ultimate Ellis Island Search Engine; Avotaynu to Poll "Nu? What's New?" Subscribers; Extends Free Use of Passenger Lists; Last Chance: Special CD Offer of Jewish History Books; Genealogy Videos on the Internet; JewishGen Holocaust Database Now Exceeds One Million Records; List of Jewish Refugees in Uzbekistan; News from the SIGs; New Book: La Liste de St. Cyprien; Generali Still Accepting Claims; Registry of Holocaust Survivors Extended to Include Non-Americans; AVOTAYNU Publishes Jewish Family History Books in Print

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