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The Jacobi Papers: Genealogical Studies of Leading Ashkenazi Families
by Paul J. Jacobi
edited by Emanuel Elyasaf

Paul Jacobi (Königsberg, 1911 - Jerusalem, 1997) was a doyen of Jewish genealogy in his time. He spent half a century meticulously investigating the lineages of leading Ashkenazi, mainly rabbinic, families. These erudite volumes are the product of his labors. Running to 2,300 pages in all, and containing countless family trees going back many centuries, they are a cornucopia of genealogical knowledge and data of relevance to all family historians and scholars working on Ashkenazi Jewry. General readers should check the Surname Index for mentions of their specific families.

Jacobi held that a core-group of some 80 élite families dominated Ashkenazi Jewry from its beginnings. To test his theory, he investigated over 450 families to varying levels of detail, using the considerable resources available to him in Jerusalem. Of these, he took over 100 studies to completion. None of his researches, however, was published during his lifetime. On his death, his manuscripts were placed in the National Library of Israel. Two decades later, this invaluable genealogical compendium, Jacobi’s life-work, is being published for the first time.

Volume 1:  8½" x 11"  544 pp.  hardcover  $79.00  
Volume 2: 8½" x 11" 572 pp. hardcover $79.00
Volume 3: 8½" x 11" 602 pp. hardcover $79.00
Volume 4: 8½" x 11" 580 pp. hardcover $79.00
All four volumes $279.00
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